Make Preventive Maintenance Your Commercial Real Estate Resolution

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It is always interesting to hear how people are going to start each new year. Plans and commitments (or re-commitments) are often espoused in the form of resolutions. While most often associated with personal goals like losing weight, quitting smoking or realizing bucket list items, many business and commercial resolutions are also made.

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adminMake Preventive Maintenance Your Commercial Real Estate Resolution

Budgeting Done Right, Saves Headaches Down the Road

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Let’s face it, budgeting is a necessary evil. To do it right means capturing lots of different data points and mashing those together to paint a picture of the income and the expenditure activities within a particular property for the coming year. It’s neither a quick nor easy task and its magnitude varies by the size of the property, complexity of the facility, age of the building and the needs of the landlord. Without a doubt, it is an important task that will produce a financial roadmap for that property for the year ahead.

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adminBudgeting Done Right, Saves Headaches Down the Road

Winterizing Your Home, Preparation is Key!

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As we are enjoying the last days of warm weather, winter is probably something you don’t yet want to think about. It can be hard to let go of those warm, sunny days, but don’t let a lack of preparation make it even harder on you and your home. When a chill sets in we trade t-shirts for hoodie sweatshirts, iced tea for hot cocoa, and air conditioning for heat, so why neglect our homes? Winterizing is just as important to enjoying a comfortable winter season, because the last thing you’ll want to deal with on a dreary, cold day is a frozen, busted pipe!

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adminWinterizing Your Home, Preparation is Key!