Meet Courtney Seams, Association Manager

by Johnny Wehmann on October 6, 2014 No comments

Ok Courtney, let’s talk.

Until now, you’ve spent time living in several different parts of the country.  What are some things you like about living back here in the Triad?

Johnny, one of the things that I appreciate most about living and working in the Triad is the manageable size of our towns here.  Being able to work in a vibrant downtown, such as Winston Salem, without the headache of traffic and access to parking, is something I really value.  Also, I find it truly exciting to be here for the revitalization that is happening in both Greensboro and Winston Salem at this time!

I’m hungry, which makes me wonder.  What’s your favorite place to eat?

Two of my favorite spots for fine dining aren’t far from one another on Green Valley Road in Greensboro.  On special occasions, and sometimes without an excuse, my family and I like to indulge at Print Works Bistro or Green Valley Grill.

How did you first get involved working in Association Management?

My first full time job after graduating from Ohio State was for a developer out of Atlanta.  The project was in Charleston, SC and was a condo conversion of 400+ apartments.  I started as a leasing consultant and was charged with convincing renters to move out of their apartments so that we would have more inventory for the fast moving sales.  It was a very successful project and before long I transitioned from reverse leasing consultant to assistant manager of the HOA.  I learned quickly that in the world of property management my preference was in associations rather than multi-family.

Having been at different Association Management companies in the past, can you tell us how Meridian Realty differs from other firms you’ve worked for?

The culture at Meridian is to build and maintain strong relationships with the associations they manage through consistency and openness.  I’ve known other management companies to charge by the minute for each interaction with a homeowner or vendor and honestly it is hard to keep up with those details.  It’s much more satisfying to feel that I can work hard for the Board of Directors and devote extra time when needed, without having to charge back for each minute.

Property managers encounter some pretty bizarre things on the job.  What’s been your strangest on-the-job experience?

I receive some pretty bizarre reports from time to time.  I’m always perplexed and a little intrigued when I receive complaints about supernatural experiences within one of my communities.

If you were ever a member of an Owners Association, would you hide from the Board or take the first position available?

This is a question I have pondered for many years as I’m more inclined to live in a townhouse or condo than elsewhere.  I’ve come to the conclusion that “what you don’t know can hurt you” so, yes… I will always strive to hold a position on the Board.

Well I know you’re busy so I’ll let you get back to work.  Thanks for your time Courtney!

Johnny WehmannMeet Courtney Seams, Association Manager

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