Rita Musante

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We would recommend Faye Barnes, David Miner, and Meridian Realty unconditionally. Meridian has managed our property at Hanes Mall since 2011 in a most positive, professional, and honest manner.
Our tenants are very happy with the improvements they have seen since Meridian took over – both in appearance of the property, attention to maintenance concerns, and in accessibility and response to their needs. Meridian works well with both our national franchise tenants, where communication is often indirect, and managing requires more patience and diligence to detail in communication. They are also excellent with local tenants, where face to face contact, and trust building, goes a long way.
Furthermore, they bring potential problems to our notice in a timely and straight forward manner, investigate options fully so they have answers to our questions ready, and while they have been willing to carry out our directions no questions asked, they don’t hesitate to offer suggestions, options, and a different point of view for us to consider in decision making. Both Faye and David have years of experience and good judgment and have earned our trust.

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