Ho Ho Homeowners!

by Johnny Wehmann on December 11, 2014 No comments

You know; the bright lights that have your kids wide eyed as you drive through the neighborhood. The ones you can spot from a passing airplane! You might get the homeowner on patrol, searching for the teenagers who stole Rudolph from his lawn.

Despite all this décor exhibiting clear evidence of your holiday spirit, when you’re part of a Homeowners Association you may be required to leave your enthusiasm for decorating indoors.

Community rules may prevent you from putting up that large inflatable Santa. There’s a chance it’s allowed, but not before the 1st of December. Each HOA is different. Before you pull the plastic elves from the attic, check with your Board or flip through the Rules & Regulations. If you have a management company, they should be well versed in the rules and able to give you some direction.

So if decorating your home requires Clark Griswold-esque preparation, being part of an HOA is probably not for you. But do tell me where you live, I might like to drive by.

Johnny WehmannHo Ho Homeowners!

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