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For almost a decade we have had the privilege of working with a number of individuals at your company, Meridian Realty Services. Those working relationships include interactions as 1) an architect retained to provide conditional assessments/repair recommendations on several existing residential projects your firm manages, 2) the designer of mixed-use development projects that your firm was selected to manage, and 3) a board member of homeowner associations that has retained your firm as property managers. During that extended time we have grown to appreciate the hands-on and timely professional property management services Meridian Realty Services provides. You and your staff have been super to react to day-to-day issues that have surfaced with regard to the physical condition of the buildings you manage. Moreover, your team has been extremely pro-active in making value added recommendations that have beneficially served all parties involved in the buildings under Meridian Realty Services management. In the end, those insights have allowed all of those of us at our architectural firm and those involved in the management of commercial and residential property to make correct decisions.
For that we are happy to recommend your firm to anyone interested in property management services here in the Winston-Salem, Piedmont Triad area…

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